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:: Preparatory Classes for Auditions

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We consider that candidates need to be taking a minimum of six hours of dance classes per week, combined with related physical training to be at the level required for admission.

In this respect, LADMMI offers preparatory classes for auditions. Although these courses do not guarantee admission into either of the professional training programs, they are an excellent way to prepare and they give the students an opportunity to discover the basics of training in contemporary dance. These courses also provide an ideal platform to evaluate the student’s potential for dealing with the intensity of advanced training.

Admission criteria

A classification session is held during the first week of each session to determine the participants’ ability to take the course.

All dancers who have taken at least two years of training in dance (contemporary, classical, jazz or other) are welcome to join this program.

They must also:

Schedule and fees

For course descriptions, admission criteria, the schedule and fees, consult the current program.


To register, print and complete this registration form and take it to the LADMMI reception desk.

372 St. Catherine Street West, Suite 211
Montreal QC H3B 1A2


I took the professional training preparatory program in the fall and would like to register for the winter session. The courses have already begun. Can I still register?
You may still take part in the technical classes of the preparatory courses on a per-lesson basis. You can either pay the fee for each lesson you attend or purchase a series of ten coupons for the remainder of the session.

Do you have to take the preparatory courses in the fall session before taking them in the winter or spring session?
Not necessarily. You can register at the start of each session.

Is there a warm-up period before the beginning of the technique class?
Each dancer warms up individually before the technique class. It is recommended that you arrive at least 20 minutes ahead of time to limber up. Participants registered for the complete program also have access to the training room after 4:00 p.m.