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:: 12-17 year olds dance classes

It's Funky at LADMMI!

You’re between 12 and 17 and you want to dance? Come take hip-hop fusion or contemporary dance classes at LADMMI, the contemporary dance school. We’re in downtown Montréal, just across the street from Musique Plus. Live percussionist every night!

Hurry and sign up: there are only 25 places each night!

Course outline

Hip-hop fusion: BEGINNER
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Introduction to contemporary dance: BEGINNER
Would you like to express your feelings, get out your energy without the formal style of classical dance and explore all the possibilities of your body in movement? Contemporary dance is definitely for you. With a wide range of aerobic exercises, stretching and dance routines, you’ll get good exercise, develop flexibility and muscles, in addition to getting to be yourself through dance.


Consult our program for the next session.

To register:

To register, print and complete this registration form and take it to the LADMMI reception desk.

372 St. Catherine Street West, Suite 211
Montreal QC H3B 1A2


Are there any prerequisites for these classes? I’ve never done contemporary dance. Will I be able to keep up with the group?
All beginner classes are designed to gradually introduce students to dance techniques.

Who teaches the courses?
The courses are taught by trainers who work in professional dance.

How many students do you accept?
The classes are held if at least 12 people register. We accept up to 25 people per class.

How should I dress? What type of shoes should I wear?
We suggest that you wear appropriate dance attire that allows your body to move freely. There are lockers where you can leave your clothing. Students are bare-foot during the classes. You might want to bring sandals or shoes for walking about between the studios.

Do you have musicians? What type of music is used for the classes?
The musical accompaniment is mainly provided by a professional percussionist in the studio. The musical styles vary depending on the class, and some classes may use recordings.

What is the deadline for registration?
You have until the end of the first week of classes to register.

Will I receive a diploma or certificate?
The recreational classes focus on the pleasure of training through dance. It is not possible to fail a class and no certificate is awarded at the end of the session.

If I take only one class per week, will I be able to keep up with the group? Can I be reimbursed for the total cost?
The program is designed to allow the participants to take the number of classes they want. When you register for two or more classes per week, the rate is designed to ensure that you save money over the cost per unit.

Do we put on a performance at the end of the session?
No public performances are planned for the end of the session.

How is the class given? Is there a warm-up period at the start?
The class is designed so that you warm up gradually while dancing. It is, however, recommended that you show up 15 minutes ahead of time.

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