:: Faculty

The LADMMI faculty includes approximately 50 performers, choreographers, educators and renowned masters from the international dance scene.

At LADMMI, these artists enjoy the benefits of a special environment centered around creation, research and experimentation and they thrive on the effervescence of this dynamic, diversified and ever-changing faculty.

We create a setting for rich encounters and healthy artistic emulation, both for our students and our collaborators.

Teachers (Winter 2008)

Massimo Agostinelli Anne Barry
Sacha Bélinsky Sarah Bild
Lucie Boissinot Marc Boivin
Estelle Clareton Sophie Corriveau
Alain Francoeur Sylvain Lafortune
Christine Lamothe Anne Le Beau
Valérie Lessard Chi Long
Mathilde Monnard Isabelle Morrissette
Isabelle Poirier Dominique Porte
Linda Rabin Myriam Saad
Tassy Teekman Christine Vauchel

Guest teachers (since 1980)

Peggy Baker (Toronto) Serge Bennathan (Toronto)
Peter Boneham (Ottawa) Alan Danielson (New York)
Irene Dowd (New York) Sean Feldman (Grande Bretagne)
Christopher House (Toronto) Sasha Ivanochko (Toronto)
Jean-Pierre Perreault (Montréal) Nora Reynolds Daniel (New York)
Tedd Robinson (Ottawa) Julia Sasso (Toronto)
Risa Steinberg (New York) Angélique Wilkie (Allemagne)
Mel Wong (New York)

Musicians (Winter 2008)

Patrick Conan
Thom Gossage
David Macanulty
Martin Plante
Francis Pomerleau
Robert Swerdlow

Trainers (Winter 2008)

Nathalie Blanchet
Anne-Marie Jourdenais
Julie Marcil
Isabel Mohn