Prospective students

:: Admission process

Admission criteria

Candidates looking to be admitted into the professional program must have a secondary school diploma (SSD) or any training considered equivalent.

They must also register for the auditions by submitting a complete application file before January 15 of each year.

The application file must include:

Please note:

Applicants from outside Montreal
If you live more than 1,000 km from Montreal and cannot attend the preliminary auditions, you must include in your application file a DVD lasting at least 35 minutes, showing clips of technical classes, floor exercises, combinations and jumps, as well as a short solo (no longer than two minutes). Everyone must attend the final audition.

Your file must be received at the following address before January 15. For more information, consult the Admission Guide.

372 St. Catherine Street West, Suite 211
Montreal QC H3B 1A2

Preliminary audition

Every year, more than 100 people register for this audition. All applicants who submit a complete application file are sent a written invitation to take part. The preliminary audition is held over two weekend days and each applicant is invited to attend either on the Saturday or the Sunday. The evaluation committee is made up of LADMMI's faculty.

Contemporary dance technique class
The technique class lasts two hours. During this time, the evaluation committee evaluates the candidates’ physical potential, their mastery of the technical elements of contemporary dance and their talent.

Improvisation class
The structured improvisation class evaluates the candidates’ potential and artistic qualities. The evaluation committee pays particular attention to:

Final audition

Whether candidates are accepted or not, all are informed in writing of the results of their preliminary audition. Two weeks after the preliminary audition, approximately thirty people will receive a written invitation to take part in the final audition, which is held over a weekend. Candidates must be present for the entire weekend.

Technique class
The combinations for the technique classes for the final audition are more difficult than those for the preliminary audition, but the evaluation criteria remain the same. The evaluation committee assesses the candidates’ physical potential, their mastery of the technical elements of contemporary dance and their talent.

Repertory class
A choreography from the LADMMI repertory is taught to the candidates by a faculty member. This activity serves to verify the candidates’ sense of movement, performance qualities, memorization abilities, coordination and musicality.

Composition class
The composition activity is a collaborative exercise in which candidates are asked to create a short choreography both in smaller groups and as a whole. It serves to evaluate the candidates’ ability to work as a team, their communication skills and their openness.

Each candidate invited to the final auditions must perform a two-minute solo in contemporary dance before the evaluation committee. This may be their own creation or that of a choreographer. For the solo, the candidate may provide the CD track. Wearing a costume is not permitted.

Individual interview
The interview is intended to determine the motivation and personal objectives of the candidates. This is also an opportunity to answer their questions and provide information about certain aspects of the program. Limited enrollment: twenty spaces are available in total. Twenty candidates will thus be invited to register for the program and a certain number of qualified candidates will be placed on a waiting list. Candidates on the waiting list will be called if any of the accepted candidates decline.


Is there an age limit for applying for the auditions?
Although there is no official age limit, the evaluation committee does take into account the age of candidates in view of the reality of a career in dance at the end of the three-year training program.

When are the preliminary and final auditions held?
Every year, the preliminary auditions are held in mid-February and the final auditions in mid-March. The dates are posted on our Web site in the Calendar section round the middle of the previous fall.

What do the two auditions cost?
Administrative fees of $50 apply for preliminary audition registration. There are no additional fees for the final auditions.

What must I provide as relevant (artistic) experience in my application file?
Dance courses (all styles), choreography courses, participation in competitions, any involvement with amateur dance companies, other art courses or training, other arts practiced (music, theatre, etc.)

How may people apply for the auditions?
Every year, more than 100 candidates apply for admission to the program. Only twenty of them are invited to register, while a certain number of qualified candidates are placed on a waiting list.

I’ve been dancing for several years (particularly hip hop), but I’ve never been involved in contemporary dance. Do I stand a chance at passing the auditions?
Yes! Provided that your basic technique is satisfactory and you meet most of the admission criteria. For more details, consult the Admission Guide.

If I don’t pass the auditions, can I try again next year?
If you are not accepted, the evaluation committee will provide comments indicating whether or not they encourage you to reapply to LADMMI.